Safari Can't Open the Page: How to Fix the Download Error in Google Drive

I've used Google Drive for years now with great success, but started having a very frustrating issue not too long ago. When trying to download certain files while using Safari, I get thrown into a redirect loop and Safari cuts off the attempts.


It seems as though the only time this happens is when trying to download a shared with that Google Drive can't scan for viruses; then you need to click "Download anyway."


I've needed to open Chrome or Firefox to complete the download, but it's pretty annoying due to needing to log in with 2-factor authentication in a new browser. Perhaps I need to just switch to a better browser permanently, but in lieu of that, I've discovered the problem and solution:

The Problem

The latest version of Safari incorporated a security feature that prevents cross-site tracking. This is the culprit.

The Solution

Just temporarily disable this feature in Safari > Preferences > Privacy, start your download, and reenable the feature.


Hopefully Apple and/or Google fix this in future updates, but for now, this simple workaround will do just fine.